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Carmen & Christie Presti

Niagara Falls, New York
(716) 284-6118
The Primate Sanctuary – A Place for Refuge and Protection for Primates
Formerly known as "Monkey Business", established in 1987. This Educational Entertainment Service assists in the housing of unwanted primates. In September of 2000, a non profit organization called "The Primate Sanctuary",was formed.
The Sanctuary is dedicated to the well being and placement of unwanted primates. It is a permanent safe haven for allspecies of primates, specializing in x-pets, research primates and primates no longer wanted or needed in the entertainment field. At the Sanctuary, the rules still apply, no selling or breeding of the primates. What comes to the Sanctuary, stays at the Sanctuary. Our goal is to provide quality care and to ensure a non-stressful living enviroment for the primates through proper funding and management.

Many people have been fascinated by primates, but never considered being their protector. They should never be looked as a novelty . Many species are threatened or endangered and only we can make a difference for their welfare to help and prevent extinction.

We can start by leaving them in their natural habitat and establish animaI reserves that protect the species. Several countries are taking a major role in nature conservation, reserving sections of the country so original environments are not destroyed.

Primates are a very social animal with highly developed brains. They will experience pain the same as humans and also share fear, anxiety, stress and joy. By offering these primates a home, it would save them from research facilities and prevent Animal dealers using them as breeders or even euthenasia. The Sanctuary houses several species, from Old World to New world monkeys and even two Great Apes named Charlie and Kiko., two Chimpanzees who would win your "heart with their unique personalities.

The Primate Sanctuary depends on your donation. Please take part in fullfilling the needs of this growing Sanctuary.

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The Primate Sanctuary
depends on your donation

If you prefer not to use PayPal, you can also make a donation through the mail by printing the following form,
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The Primate Sanctuary, Inc.,
2764 Livingston Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

If you have any questions please e-mail: kikoapeman@roadrunner.com
Thank you for helping us provide the home and care that these wonderful creatures deserve!
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