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Carmen & Christie Presti

Niagara Falls, New York
(716) 284-6118
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Educational events are part of the enrichment of the primates and a way to spread awareness about primates and their protection.
Carmen Presti introduces live primates individually throughout the presentation to interact with the audience, while speaking about their unique characteristics.

See link for Annual Live Primate Event featuring Carmen Presti at Buffalo State University

Charlie and Kiko, along with sanctuary owners Carmen Presti and his wife, Christie, appeared in an episode of "Explorer," called "Chimps on the Edge."

The footage taken of Charlie and Kiko included them using tools, having blood drawn from their arms, watching a violent television program and eating pizza.

Presti, the sanctuary's vice president, said he hopes the national attention will spur the fundraising effort to move the sanctuary from Livingston Avenue in the Falls to 30 acres of farmland that the couple owns in Wilson. The couple already has built a new home on the site.

The sanctuary has been running as a not-for-profit since 2000, though the Prestis have been operating a refuge for primates since 1990. Presti and his staff care for the two chimpanzees, 26 monkeys and 18 exotic birds.

Presti and his chimps have appeared on numerous television shows, including "Animal Planet" and "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee" in the late 1990s. Their main star was Charlie, who has since retired from being "the karate chimp." Charlie's martial arts expertise on video is still licensed to help raise funds for the sanctuary. Footage of Charlie also has been popular in the United Kingdom and Japan.

Please contact Carmen Presti to book a presentation kikoapeman@roadrunner.com
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