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Carmen & Christie Presti

Niagara Falls, New York
(716) 284-6118
Many of the sanctuary’s primates have spent their lives as subjects for laboratory testing and several are currently on the list of threatened or endangered species. They were given to the sanctuary by private owners, veterinarians, SPCAs and medical labs or received from zoos located throughout the United States. Some were rescued from severely drastic situations and others reached the sanctuary through recommendations from primatologists. The primates, whose former owners were not interested in keeping them or viewed them as no longer of any value in the field of entertainment or other venues, are provided with shelter, food, medical attention and an enriched environment.
Image of Kiko Kiko, a 17 year-old chimp
Kiko, who is on Dramamine because he develops motion sickness during dramatic changes in the barometer, was acquired after the sanctuary learned about a six-year old deaf chimp up for sale—he was discovered in Ohio, Read more...
Image of Mickey Mickey, a 11 year old, Guenon Vervet
Mickey, who is a Guenon Vervet, was obtained from a non-profit refuge. He had never seen another monkey from the time he had been pulled away from his mother at a very early age. Read more...
Image of Charlie Charlie, a 12 year-old Rhesus Macaque
Charlie, who is a Rhesus Macaque, was acquired from a private individual in Corning, NY, who contacted the sanctuary five years ago because he had been attacked by his monkey and was threatening to kill the animal if he was not removed at once. Read more...
Image of Edger Edger, a 13 year-old Crab-eating Macaque
Edger, who is a Crab-eating Macaque, whose former owner drove his truck around Niagara Falls with the windows wide open and the monkey on top, invited tourists to have photos taken with the animal. Read more...
No image Pauly, a 17 year-old & Jelly, a 16 year-old Spider Monkey
Pauly and Jelly, were acquired from a pet store owner in Rochester who felt that Pauly, kept at home because of his aggressive behavior, was too isolated and asked the sanctuary to adopt him. Read more...
Sara, a 10 year-old black & white Capuchin
Sara participates in our educational program.
Image of Honey Webster, around 15 years of age, a Cinnamon Capuchin - Honey, a 15 year-old Cinnamon Capuchin- Cappy, a 25 year-old Cinnamon Capuchin
Webster came from a local refuge and Honey, a 15 year old Cinnamon with a supereilliary brush, was obtained from a breeder about 15 years ago, who could not work with her because of her aggressiveness. She and Webster formed a strong friendship and when Cappy arrived from a local refuge, he joined them and they became a threesome.
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